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Nationwide Health & Disability Advocacy Service
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The Advocacy Process

We are here to help.

The Nationwide Health and Disability Advocacy Service (the Advocacy Service) offers free, independent and confidential advice and support to help you resolve issues with health and disability services.

The Advocacy Process














Agree resolution





The role of our advocates

Our advocates are here to answer your questions, support you, encourage you to take action, and help you resolve issues with the treatment you have received.
You can also talk to them about any special communication needs you may have.
While they are not investigators or mediators, and don’t make decisions on whether there has been a breach of your right, they can support you through the whole complaint process.


Advantages of using an advocacy service

  • Flexible and time effective.
  • Gives you the opportunity to actively participate in finding a resolution.
  • Gives providers the chance to explain their actions and work with you on the solution.
  • Enables a better ongoing relationship between you and your provider.

Generally, people who resolve their disputes using an advocacy service are more satisfied because they have more control over the process and the results.


We have high satisfaction and resolution rates

  • We consistently have an annual resolution rate of over 90% (this includes complaint withdrawals).
  • 91% of consumers and 93% of providers who responded to satisfaction surveys (2018-19) said that they were satisfied or very satisfied with our service.


Our service is free and confidential

Your advocate will not talk to the health or disability service provider involved in your care about your concerns without you being present. You will receive any written communication directly – providers are asked to address this to you. Advocates will receive a copy only if you have requested that the provider send them a copy.

Your privacy is important to us

When you use our service, we will collect a certain amount of information from you. This information:

  • Enables us to assist you with your complaint
  • Protects other consumers by ensuring accountability of providers
  • Is used by us for monitoring and statistical purposes.

Information collected by advocates is stored in accordance with the Privacy Act. Advocacy Service managers, auditors, and the Director of Advocacy have access to that information. Information about you and your complaint may also be provided to the Health and Disability Commissioner, as required under the Health and Disability Commissioner Act 1994.

You have the right to view and/or receive a copy of the information about you collected by the Advocacy Service, and to have alterations made to anything that is factually incorrect. If you have any questions or concerns about the access to, and the use of, your personal information, please talk to us.


If you’re unhappy with our service

If you have concerns about the service provided by an advocate, you can:

Remember, we are here to help.

Nationwide Health & Disability Advocacy Service
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Nationwide Health & Disability Advocacy Service
Nationwide Health & Disability Advocacy Service