To help reduce confusion about what we can help with…
Nationwide Health and Disability Advocacy Services is a free service supporting consumers with concerns about a Health or Disability Service Provider.
We may be able to, for example, help with concerns about a GP, Dr, Specialist, Surgical Procedure, Hospital, Physio, Dentist, Pharmacy, Cosmetic Treatments, Mental Health Services, Respite, Home Help and Community Support provided as a Disability Service… and more and more… so, there is lots we can help within our scope of service.
If in doubt, please ask us, we certainly want to help with what we can! Our scope is not our choice, it is part of NZ government legislation.
We can not help with complaints or concerns about Insurance Companies, Work and Income, ACC, Schools (Including RTLB, Ministry of Education etc…), Retailers (except Pharmacies, Natural Medicines), Taxi or Bus providers, Tenancy Issues, Employment related concerns, or any other service that is not a Health or Disability Service Provider.
Posts relating to what we can not help with will be answered, and then removed to reduce confusion 😊